A Michelin Star? Yes, please!

Last year I went for the first time in my life to dine in a 3 Michelin-starred restaurant. I have to admit it, it was a great experience. I liked it so much that I remember I thought: “I could do this once a week (if someone else pays!)”. The “Michelin Star” is probably considered as the most prestigious recognition for a restaurant and restaurant owners and chefs around the world proudly promote their Michelin Star status.  Continue reading “A Michelin Star? Yes, please!”

Who is my hotel guest?

Imagine a world where all guests were the same. All expectations would be met, our ears would listen to no complaints and 5 stars reviews would rain. Unfortunately, the truth is that some tourists could not be more different from each other, in terms of needs and expectations, and we as professionals need to adapt and shape our offer in order to fully satisfy them. Continue reading “Who is my hotel guest?”

Why hospitality is so cool

It often happens, talking with friends and acquaintances, to be asked what motivates me to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. Let’s be honest, why on earth would you decide to work endless hours, paid very low salary, serving high demanding and sometimes conflictual customers? Continue reading “Why hospitality is so cool”