How to become a hospitality consultant

One of my courses during my hospitality management master was held by a hospitality consultant. When I heard what his job was about I thought it could be one of the coolest positions in the field. So when my friend started to think about working for a consultancy, I decided to research the subject a little bit further and understand how to become one.

Hospitality consultants are supposed to be the ones who know everything about a specific topic in the field, be that F&B, hotel or travels/events. They may have several different tasks and guidelines according to the type of business they are taking care of, but the main topic is usually to improve productivity. Their responsibilities can vary from hotel design to operations management; from training and staffing to property selection; from strategic management to legalities.

The opportunities for consultancy come in a huge variety in hospitality, here some examples:

  • professional advice for hotel and restaurants
  • conciergerie
  • event planning

Here, I tried to summarize the main steps to becoming a hospitality consultant.



























Hospitality is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and diversified sectors in terms of employment and it offers challenging and exciting job opportunities in terms of consultancy related to events, restaurants, hotels and cruises. I hope that thanks to these steps you have a clearer idea of how you can get started if you want to pursue this career. Good luck!

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