What guests want

How do you attract customers to your hotel? We believe to know the answer: comfortable beds, free WIFI, proximity to the city center or to the beach. The truth is that sometimes hoteliers spend serious time and money focusing on aspects which are not crucial or relevant when it comes to book an accommodation. Recently a luxury hotel in Spain has decided to investigate this topic, asking directly to their customers which were the aspects that they value the most in a hotel room and what they would like to find in it so to have an unforgettable experience and recommend the hotel to their friends and acquaintances. Let’s see here which are the 10 things that guests consider essential in a hotel room.

  1. Comfortable mattress


Hotels are places where people go to relax and take a break from everyday life. Sleeping well is the first step to do so and good quality bed are essential, both in business and leisure hotels. When traveling, it’s not uncommon to find an uncomfortable bed, even in 4 or 5 stars hotels. Hotel Alianthos combines comfort and sustainability, offering COCO-MAT mattresses, entirely made of natural materials and fully recyclable, and designed to provide support to neck and shoulders to improve the quality of guests’ sleep. If you haven’t done it yet, think about investing in a first-class mattress.

  1. Suggestive views

Nobody likes to open their window and face a parking lot. During booking and check-in, views are one of the most common requests, be that city view, garden view or sea view. Guests are willing to pay more to upgrade their standard room to a room with a view and hoteliers know that. That’s why most of the hotels set different room rates according to the view option desired.


Hotel Salto Chico rooms are considered to have one of the most suggestive views in the world
  1. King size beds

Size matters. Guests are not only interested in the comfort of the mattress, but also in the size of it. Too often hotel beds are extremely short or tiny and you simply can’t fit in it! King size beds – which are more than expected overseas –  are now becoming a must in Europe as well.

  1. Cleanliness

If the first impression is what counts then a spotless hotel room is a good start. Stains on the carpet, marks on the wall, dust on the counters or on the radiator and yellowed towels are symptoms of slovenliness and this is the last thing that a guest would like to see in a hotel. If the room isn’t properly cleaned the customer will have a sensation of discomfort. This sense of cleanliness and hygiene is not only linked to the visual aspect but also to the olfactive one. Besides a thorough cleaning of the room, open the window to let some fresh air in and use neutral fragrance in the guest rooms in order to leave a pleasant but not suffocating aroma. Finally, remember to change hotel flyer or information paper if it has scribbles or pen marks on it.

  1. Jacuzzi

After a long day of business meetings, walking tours or simply lying at the beach guests seriously appreciate a relaxing bath in a jacuzzi. If the pool faces a suggestive view or if it’s placed in a special location the regenerative experience is enhanced and a simple bath can turned into an unforgettable and unique experience. Take a look at Little Palm Island strategy to make guests fall in love.


  1. Soundproofing

A quiet room is essential for relaxing. Noisy air-conditioning, annoying sounds coming from room devices and din from outside don’t help to create the best resting condition. Try to eliminate from the room everything that can potentially disturb the sleep of your guests. A pity that you don’t have the same control over snoring neighbours!

  1. Room size

Imagine entering a hotel room and find a spacious and luminous place that transmits you a sensation of relax and wellness. Customers relate the ideas of comfort and relax to the concept of space. The bigger the room, the more they will feel at comfort and enjoy the experience. Small hotel rooms where you can barely move are not appealing nor comfortable. If you don’t have big rooms try at least to go for a minimal design style, reducing furniture at the minimum and choosing simple but functional pieces.

  1. Wifi

Nowadays, WIFI can’t even be considered an added value, since most of the guests take it for granted when staying at a hotel – unless you are staying at a resort in the middle of nowhere for a digital detox. Choose a good and trustable supplier and give WIFI for free – I personally find embarrassing when you have to pay for internet connection in 2017.

  1. Big television

Guests want TV in their rooms and they want it big! Big screens are perceived as luxurious and customers love having them available, even if in 80% of the cases they are not going to use it during the stay. This feature is especially appreciated in business hotels, where it’s used after a long working day to relax, and in family hotels, where it’s used to distract children. I personally believe that in few years from now TV won’t play a great role any longer, since the use of personal devices to watch movies and TV series is increasing exponentially.

  1. Welcome details

Welcoming guests with a bottle of local wine, cava with strawberries or the typical basket full of fresh and juicy fruit has become pretty common. Customers want to feel pampered and cared about and adding a small welcoming present to the check-in process helps to make a good impression and to create an instant bond with your guests. It can be as simple as a glass of refreshing drink – cava, water, juice or milk – or you can add a personal touch giving a handwritten welcome note. Investing in these little and sometimes priceless details is fundamental if you want to win your guests’ heart.

Of course the list of guests requests is long and pretty much infinite: they would also like to have coffee machine, teapot or kettle, bottles of water – for free of course! – and sockets – several and close to the bed. The requests will certainly change and vary according to the type of hotel you run or work for. This is a comprehensive list of must-have for all hotels but thanks to your guests you will be able to enrich and modify this list and create a customized one for your business. What are you waiting for?

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