Who is my hotel guest?

Imagine a world where all guests were the same. All expectations would be met, our ears would listen to no complaints and 5 stars reviews would rain. Unfortunately, the truth is that some tourists could not be more different from each other, in terms of needs and expectations, and we as professionals need to adapt and shape our offer in order to fully satisfy them. Therefore, our main aim is to know who our guests are, what they are looking for and how we can seduce them. The number of hotel guests types is almost infinite but I decided to focus my attention on the 4 most common ones.


Every guest category comes along with a set of requirements and needs, which are sensitively different from one group to another. Keep in mind, you can’t be everything to everyone, which means that you have to select one main target and focus on it. It would be pretty impossible to be able to satisfy at the same time different targets, especially if they do not share the vast majority of needs. For example, business travelers would never choose a hotel for families, since it wouldn’t be able to offer them facilities and services to cover their needs. Analogously, seniors would probably not choose a young hostel for their stay, because despite the convenience of the price they wouldn’t find the comfort and the ambience they are looking for.

As said before, this is only a rough categorization of hotel guest types. Inside these groups, you will find infinite niche markets, with their set of highly specialized needs. The more specialized and focused your offer is, the more satisfied your guests will be and they will be more likely to come back. The aim is to select the market which is more profitable for you, get to know your guests, offer them what they need – not what they think they need – and finally to turn your them into faithful and loyal guests.

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